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What has been done right now, and what still needs to be done

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What has been done this week:
1.There are now cats running around in the level.
2.Changed the zombie legs to zombie arms, since the zombie legs did not move or attack the player
3.The terrorists have been changed into enemy soldiers and government workers, and they now move freely in the level (so they can move out of their zone to attack civilians and the player).
3.Made the level a bit darker
What still needs to be done:
1.Find someone with some map/bsp file experience
2.Change the level structure
3.Figure out a way to stop the threat advisory bar to go up when killing a soldier, or stop it from decreasing the player´s health.
4.Get some response from my friends (no one knows if they want to take part in the making).
5.Add some physics or more death animations
6.The plot still needs revising
Well, hopefully next week thing go better.

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