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Axion has been updated twice since release. A few bug fixes, adjustments and one new feature were added. These are just quick patches. More substantial updates will happen in the future.

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Axion has been updated twice since it was released Friday July 31st!

Quick Update # 1, Volume Control

August 3 - Droog71 Releasing a small update today that adds in-game volume control to the game. Page-Up increases volume, Page-Down decreases volume. A speaker icon with the volume level will appear when you press either. The level is indicated by a number between 1 and 10. 5 is the default level.

Quick Update # 2

August 6 - Droog71 Reduced volume of music in the launcher menu.
Reduced volume of "out-of-breath" sounds.
Fixed problem with fence at south east large building.
Fixed problem with grass at the north, center part of map.
Fixed bug where weapon would switch when magazine was empty.

I also created a video to serve as guide and walk-through for Axion.

Complete Guide and Walk-through - Indie DB

Axion is still on sale for $1.49 on Steam! The game is $1.99 normally.

Early Access: Constructive Feedback Needed, please!

I went with the Early Access model for this game with the intent of collecting feedback and suggestions from the players. This way I can implement some things suggested by the community before the game is finalized. Unfortunately, it seems most of the players that are speaking up are barely scratching the surface. It would be great for me if some players could watch the video guide and read up on the information at Then sink some time into the game and provide feedback on the deeper mechanics. I would really appreciate it!

Future Plans:

I will be creating a prototype mouse interface for the UI. If it works well, it will be included in an update before leaving Early Access. I also plan to make some improvements to the terrain and foliage in the world before the game is final (More variety in the heightmap, etc.). This will consume a lot of time. Lastly I have an idea for one more hostile NPC to add to the game. I have been making changes based on feedback from the players and would like to do a lot more of that before leaving Early Access. As I mentioned above I hope to have some players get farther into the game to provide some solid suggestions and maybe find some bugs that I have missed myself.

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