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KillCraft updated. Bugs fixed etc. Read about future update ideas.

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KillCraft update

Versio 1.02_fixed :
-PVP fixed

Versio 1.02 :
-Bugs fixed
-Gameplay changes
- Less zombies per wave.
- Zombies have less damage per wave.
- Little less money from zombies.
- Pistol price now 350.
- Shotgun, Sniper, Bazooka and Plasmasword damage is increased.
- Plasmarifle price is now 45000 and bullets 250.
- Zombie movement is little different because of AI avoidance code that is not ready yet. You may not see any difference.

- Now you can see in serverlist, if the server is PVP or Surival.
- PVP bullet collision changed.
- You can aim with AWP sniper now.

Download killcraft 1.02:
Future updates?

I am working on "AI object avoindance" for zombies.
More maps will be coming.
New weapons and items. (Maybe actual Crafting)
SuperBoss. Wave with one big boss, and treasure.

**Maybe** New shop system. (Shop on the map somewhere, not in your inventory)

There is no release date for the next update.

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