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Here are afew ideas I have concieved for making the S3 Mod more like Shenmue. Let me know what you think.

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The mod will now hopefully have these features for definete.

1- Watch in hud - that tells time accurately ingame.
2- Day cycle - so its morning, afternoon, and dusk (In every enviroment)
3- Interactive buttons Eg. Hud lights up when looking at a NPC you are
able to talk too, and doesnt to those which you cannot!
4- Dynamic Conversations with NPC's - Ryo wont ask the same people
10 of the same dialogue questions, therefore the NPC's wont respond
with the same answers. (This creates string variation.)
5- Dynamic AI Behaviour - NPCs will move around the streets in a
totally unscripted random fashion. Meaning they wont be "on rails"
6- New Gameplay premises! (But these are under wraps ;))
7- Classic side view of Ryo when in fighting mode (including fighting Hud)
8- Hopefully some original music produced by:
Shenmue Dojo's very own Ponatrous...
9- A story-line that is not even drafted, so its totally up to the
community to decide before we go into production of locations/models etc.
(Dont worry if this takes too long, I will create some Quick tech demo's.)

Tell me what you think so far guys! All of this has code that needs to be implemented but I know for a fact it can all be done,
100% for sure, as it has already been worked out!
We pretty much have the next few
months ahead of us filed up!
Lets get to work!

(Thanks to Biohazard and AnotherOne)

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