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With a new year comes new years resolutions. Well with this year I'm going all out and spending all my time on developing.

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Happy new year everyone!!!
So with new years comes new years resolutions!
My biggest resolution is to really try to take off with my dream of being a game developer.
Oh Wow an RPG Game is in the final phases of V1.0 Planning a release of it for 1/7/13
Then I will be adding content all this year to the premium version of the game!
Along with this news I also want to add that I will be doing weekly vlogs on Maniak Gaming.
I'll be showcasing my work, doing question and answers and just saying whatever I feel I should say :P
So here's the first video!

I'll be doing them live every week via google hangout!
So everyone get ready because the time has come. Version 1.0 of OWaRPGG will be released and I will be releasing more content as I complete it with no extra cost. All you need is to have the premium version and you'll have unlimited updates!
So check us out on facebook, subscribe to us on youtube and just spread the word!
Thank you for all the patience guys, It's been really hard to work on the game as much as I really want to. But this year is going to change everything!!!
You guys are the best! :D

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