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Few scripts to sort out... then I think I am ready!

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***UPDATE*** Version 0.2 has gone for bug testing! Stand by for more!

Ok... that bit isn't strictly true, that all depends on you guys!


I have linked everything together, got *most* of the scripts working now, and the final pieces are falling into place.

What I haven't done yet is added man new parts into each level, traps and such, however Shores is a LOT more complex as it is!! Therefore I will leave the decision up to you guys! Do you want the release as soon as I've fixed the errors I've found?

Video of the endgame is below;

In other news, The zombie textures have been fixed to play better with Brutal Doom. The music is back to MIDI to keep the download size down. I will release the metal stuff as a separate WAD that will follow the same version numbers as DOOM:ONE so you know which one to use!!

Don't forget to sub on Youtube to keep up with the latest as I work on this mod! I have a new series for Knee Deep in ZDooM as well!!


Me personally i am willing to wait for a release if it means new goodies and traps, as i love the extra detail on Knee Deep in the Dead.

I have also played Knee Deep in ZDoom, wish it work well with Brutal Doom. i loved it, although i personally thought did it need all the new monsters? their version of the bruiser brothers is cool. Have you got to Phobos Anomaly yet? it is truely amazing, especially when parts of the level turn from techbase to hell and the final part is really cool.

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Bambamalicious Author

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I haven't got that far yet!!! SAY NO MORE!!!! I am not really a fan of all the new monsters but the level design is amazing!!

With regards to DOOM:ONE, The Shores Of Hell has a lot more in terms of details transitions, but the levels themselves are a lot harder to add more secrets and traps too, they are a lot more compacted that KDITD was! I have managed to squeeze a fair few in though!

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Aaah right all I'll say is that you'll love it! Better than doom 3's level design IMHO :)

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Well, I liked the new secrets and traps in KDITD, but TBH I like the new level transitions more! If you think Shores of Hell doesn't need it, just keep the original levels and add only your continuous level system!

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