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List of updates for Halo War of the Covenant! Also let me know what you would like to see in the Demo.

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Human weapons completed: 75 percent
Covenant weapons completed: 0 percent
Grenades: 20 percent
Powerups: 0 percent
Equipment: 0 percent
Levels completed: 0 percent
Player completed: 50 percent
Story completed: 0 percent
Humans completed: 2 percent
A.I's completed: 2 percent
Vehicles completed: 0 percent
Environments completed: 1 percent
Campaign completed: 0 percent
Forge mode completed: 0 percent
Skirmish mode completed: 0 percent
Co-Op mode completed: 0 percent
Firefight mode completed: 0 percent
Visual Effects completed: 25 percent
Other completions: 10 percent

Q and A's:

Q: Why has very little been done on the game?
A: Well for one I restarted the whole project and rescripted/coded everything because the coding and scripting got way out of place and way to clunky and buggy. Second off for the last 3 weeks I have been bashing my head into a wall trying to figure out how to make a nice sniper rifle trail, and an awesome Spartan Laser working laser, after 3 weeks of bashing my head against wall, I figured out how to do both, also with very limited time in a day to work on the games I can get hardly anything done. Any how after I get the visual effects looking nicer for the sniper rifle trail and spartan laser I will upload screenies, and after I can get the first Forge World map completed and some of the A.I's completed I will upload gameplay footage hopefully by the end of this month.

Q: What will the demo feature:
A: The demo will feature 1 level for Campaign Mode, 1 level for Forge Mode, 1 level for Skirmish mode, 1 level for Firefight mode, and 1 level for Co-Op Mode. It will also contain 50 percent of the Covenant, Almost all the Flood variants, 50 percent of the Humans, All types of Grenades, 25 percent of the vehicles, 50 percent of the Powerups and Equipment, an upgraded story summary, and Every single weapon that will be available in the full game, what I hope to add in the demo is character customization and Visual settings

Screenies will come out tomorrow however of me shooting the Rocket Launcher, Sniper Rifle and Spartan Laser.

Also another issue I am having is A.I, they are so buggy right now so don't expect any screenies of them until I get there coding corrected it should be simple, just give me a week.

Other great features is that 13 Human weapons have been completed with about 7 more to be completed, also all human weapons except for weapons like the sticky detonator, grenade launcher, and rocket launcher shoot at your targeted destination instantly.

I hope to make this just as enjoyable as Halo Spartan Assault with the bonus of it being free! :D



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