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This is an update about the changes to the structures.

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Funny how procrastination works. You delay one thing by doing other stuff. This is the other stuff. One thing led to another so here's the result.

Ever since the introduction of the glorious notorious reflective planes in this mod, it has only been used in environment objects. Now, we're introducing it to structures along with HD remastered models and up to 6x upscaled textures using AI with a little touch up.

C&C Remastered got nothing on this! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

GIN Command Center The same old GLA Command Center with more crates, barrels and shiny golden dome. We've also got an animated door, isn't that awesome?!

GIN Barracks The same old GLA Barracks with the same treatment alongside an extra door and some structure rearrangement.

GIN Supply Stash The same old GLA Supply Stash with the same treatment with extra structures rearrangement and doors. That and also a working docking function meaning the collector actually goes into the supply center to drop off the supply.

Also, shout out to Kris(CCU) and N5(NPM) for helping me with the layout and suggestions. Check out their mods below:

You: B-But what about the balance?!
Me: My job here is done.
Me: *leaps from a building while doing batman pose with cloak*


I like it, buildings seem a lot more rugged like this

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Great Improvements!

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