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Sorry I haven't given you guys an update in a while. But here one is now.

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So guys I am proud to announce I have been working on setting up a blog and it is almost done! It will be done by Sunday hopefully. Ill give you guys a link when it comes out.

On to the next order of business: Youtube! Thats right we have set up a Youtube. This Youtube channel will be for posting video tutorials, unit descriptions, gameplay uploads, and game reviews. This channel can be found HERE. Nothing has been uploaded yet but things will be soon!

And guys I will be putting this message on every week. If you can donate to us in anyway whether it be in helping make the Mod or through funds to help finance us you can either shoot me an email or help fund at our Patreon. Thanks guys!

Now a message from one of our 3D artists, Marschallinger: Next week is going to be very busy, so I might not be able to work on the mod. My next steps however will be to send you the low poly model of the soldier, artwork for more units and a first glance of the 3D model of a bowman.

Just so you guys know Marschallinger is the one who is working on the Norse units. So the pictures following are thanks to him!

Warrior Shaman Norse BowmenNorse EinherjarNight Elf BowmenNorse Einherjar Rendering

So a big Thanks to him! Like He said he will have more concept art and 3D models as soon as next week!

Thats all for today guys! See you later!

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