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Update #1 for The Adventures of Mr. Fluffykins (the first of many)

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We've been busy as all heck testing and changing anything that we have found along the way. Here is a list of all changes made:

* Removed ladders to avoid confusion in castle

* Fixed keyboard issue with bomb vendor, now push "E" to talk if using keyboard.

* Removed text input from saving slots to support controllers 100%

* Show cursor when dialogue is displayed in case using keyboard

* Re-worded tutorial texts to lesson confusion between keyboard/controller buttons

* "E" key now picks up pumpkins and logs when using keyboard

* Fixed some missing colliders on objects

The game is now 100% controller support, and we HIGHLY recommend that you use a controller to play the game. Mouse lock is not fully functional, and it makes for a pretty annoying experience when the cursor moves all over the screen when playing with keyboard. We will be fixing that soon, but, it is going to take some reworking of some other elements to get it completely smoothed out.

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