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Slowly, progress is being made! Doctrines, gliders, and ToV-style custom units incoming in the near future.

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I'm happy to announce that, along with with today's update, I have some things I'm working on that I am excited to get implemented.
Along with the addition of the Mechanized command squads, I am currently working on adding Gliders to the British and Panzer Elite. These army compositions will function without a main command squad - rather their initial glider will act as the "command squad" of the army to defend.
I'm also happy to announce that I'm looking into adding further customization options through doctrinal choices and ToV-style custom replacement units. These changes will all be made with balance in mind, and will serve to change the playstyle of the army instead of being more powerful in any way.

I'm still working on putting together a map pack, which I think would help enhance gameplay greatly. If anyone has any maps that they'd be willing to modify to fit Moros gameplay, I'd love to hear from you.

Thank you all so much! I hope you enjoy playing the latest release and I'm always looking for feedback/ideas to improve the mod even further!


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