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Just a short article detailing what's happening, and a bit of information on the mod.

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Welcome to AirOne Racing! You may be wondering what this mod is ,and what the point is. This mod is designed to bring an awesome racing game to the accessibility of Battlefield 2. We plan to bring in a LOAD of custom car models, from well-known manufacturers. We know that Battlefield 2 car physics are pretty much garbage, so we're going to be tweaking the physics on all models to suit the character of the car, as well as making them easy and fun to drive. Although the mod is still in very early stages currently, we plan to have a few different classes of cars; Drift, Circuit, and Cruiser.
Additionally, we plan to split the game into two modes, AirOne Racing, and AirOne Arena. If you've ever played the mod 'BattleRacer' by the Sir. Community, you may know that the 'Battle' aspect is somewhat half-baked, with all the racers on the same team, resulting in people often being kicked or banned from servers due to 'Teamkilling' when battling is an integral aspect of the game. Hence, Racing and Arena. We have yet to decide, but plan to release 'Racing' as the core mod, with 'Arena' coming as a later add-on as a selectable gamemode. Racing mode will be a core racing mod, dedicated just to getting around a track or the end of a sprint as quickly as possible. Teamkilling will not be tolerated, and players will not be given any weapons. Arena mode will remove the 'Teamkill Punish' functionality of Battlefield, allowing players to destroy their opponents in order to cross the finish line in first place, with bonuses awarded to players who cause the most destruction.

As a side note, we'd love more people to participate in the production of this, undoubtedly epic, mod, so if you can model, convert, map, texture or mod, we need your help!


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