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I have made many things for the last news. The modeller figured out view models

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I have a lot of good news. First of all the modeller figured out view models, so in the next 2 weeks, maybe we can organise a Beta Test. Secondly, I have made a little popup for xp and other texts. I have uploaded a video about it and about the new swep system which is built in the inventory. amount haven't worked perfectly yet, I have to check a lot of code for it.

At the moment we have 7 nearly ready skills

Mining - 80-90%
Woodcutting -90-95%
Fishing 90-95%
Firemaking -90-95%
Cooking - 95-99%
Smithing - 95-99%
Farming - 60%

With the modeller we planned ores for mining. He started them.

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