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From the details of the teaser, to the season-breaking of the game, here are some things you should now about the upcoming sequel of Courage.

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Its nearly 23 days away for the release of Courage Alone and Lost - the anticipated sequel from our first game "Courage". Here's some things you should know:

The Teaser and Gameplay

I've posted a short teaser not too long ago :) As you can see, the graphics was far away improved compared to the original, also, I have smoothed the camera movement too. I also removed the camera HUD because it was too irrelevant from the story lol. You can now sprint, and also you will not be question marked what to do next because along the way the player narrates what and where to go next in order to proceed.

The Enemies

Some enemies can now chase you. They will be randomly appearing anywhere on the map so you've got to be careful where you step your feet. And also, I changed how the jumpscares would affect you and this time, it won't kill you anymore.

The Story line

We decided to be loyal to our first game even though it has received a lot of criticism, but it still it managed to be one of the most popular horror games in Indie DB ever since its release on December 08. The sequel (which was supposed to be a remake) is a "complete" sequel for the first game like, nothing was changed, I just added some new characters and stuffs but still the storyline is taken from the first installment. The game happened 2 years later after Courage.

The Antagonist

I've mentioned on my last update that the antagonist has no name we just call him "spectre". Now, we finally decided to call him "The Spectator". He is one of the guy who just love to play on people even if scaring them to death is required just to amuse himself.


Remember the first game? Where I said we'd release the game on December 07 no matter what? Yep, that cause the game to be borderline boring (I have to be honest), the game wasn't really that good. The planned storyline, gameplay, and map was really big and when the final release came, we only accomplished like 20% of the original concept of the game. If you noticed, the first scene where James woke up was the only scene in the game where there are a lots of details like the bed, tables and laptops, machines, yeah, it sucks lol. But as my first attempt to create a horror game, that was really a huge success for me :) I mean, I know nothing about the indie game industry and specially the horror genre at that time, but still because of your help and support, the game gained its popularity way too faster than I expected.
So to prevent this incomplete thing ever to happen again, I decided not to hurry too much on the development of the upcoming games just like that one guy said on our page "try not to hurry too much and this game will be great :)". And in fact, the story of Alone and Lost is big enough it won't be finished in just 1 month of development, so we will split it into to 3-4 seasons.
The first season of the game will be released on January 30, the second one will probably be on March, and the so on. Then when all of the seasons are released, we will released the complete game with all 3-4 seasons included.

So that's it :) Thank very much for the continues support guys and I you'll do more gameplays on this upcoming game. Stay tuned, God bless, and as always, have the courage!

~DK Reigns
Main Developer (Courage, Courage Alone and Lost)

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