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News for the A.I. patch/update for the Alliance at War mod.

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I noticed the A.I. was acting stupid, so I done what I could to fix it. Although, something is telling me that it will need more work. Anyway, this update is one big A.I. patch. Now before someone says something like "I am not re-downloading the whole mod just for an A.I. patch!" I knew you all would want something more, so I added the Tri-fighter for the Zann Consortium. It can be purchased at any planet with a Black Market. I finally got around to finishing "The Lines are Drawn" Galactic Conquest scenario -- I will work on the final one later. I re-balanced the AT-AP and AAT-1. Both deal less damage, but now have a tiny AoE damage. The AAT-1 now possesses the "Assault" ability. You can also now build them at the Alliance Heavy Vehicle Factory during skirmish matches. In Galactic Conquest, you can still build them on worlds with a Black Market, too. I doubled the damage of the Y-wing and Tie Defender Ion Torpedo ability. It does the same thing it has always done, just with more of an effect now. I added even more music for Galactic Conquest and Space Battles. The rest you can figure it out... What? When do I ever tell the full update?

And about the A.I. building Blue Squadron more than once in Galactic Conquest; I am aware of it, I just have not been able to fix it yet. I will figure it out later on, I hope.

As for installing AaW, I know it needed an A.I. patch, but you still must make certain that no other mods are installed when playing it. Specifically Republic at War and Awakening of the Rebellion. Basically if a mod came with an installer, there is like a 99% chance that you will need to un-install it. It mainly comes from the fact that some mods place files in the base game folder. These files can mess up the A.I. in other mods. And yes, I know I have mentioned this before. I have to. People still tell me the A.I. is dead, and I will say "do you or have you had another mod installed?" and they will reply with "... Oh." To witch I will just laugh, ha. I would not make a mod where the A.I. does nothing. If the A.I. is doing nothing, just check your installation. There is probably files from a previous mod in the base-game folder.

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