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This update is just to get some of our models to show you what our finished product will look like. Curently or wepon list is [Ak-47, M4A1, M72 LAW, kIMBER 1911, P/F 90, MP5, AWSM/LN6, MPS AA-12, Navy MK III Knife] there will be more weapons we think... We just need a coder so we can get an alpha up and runing so we can post videos on what we are curently doing. If you want to join us you can sign up on our forums at " " Post pictures of old work so that we can see if you are in

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This update contains 2 of our test modles (M4A1 and the M72 LAW)... The M4A1 is just a rough draft of our final product but its ok for now and the M72 rocket launcher is ready to retextured and animated... We are curently looking for a Coder and a Texture airtist and also a animator who can bring our modles to life... As of now we have 4 members working to bring you a high quality game soon as posible...

If you want to join go to " " and sign up and post samples of your work..

Team as of righ now:

Trey777 - [leader and maper]
UnknownToster - [3D modeler]
Sarge127 - [3D modeler]
Erkinartor - [3D modeler]

We still need :

A Coder
A texture artist
A animator

Our next updat will have most of our mdles and player models and some multiplayer maps so be looking forward to that :D

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