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i have added new mountain map with water and fixed a lot of bugs, also i have improved the installer added more configurable stuff to graphics settings, updated download is on

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10:38 AM 1/8/2016
forgot one thing which was causing rain to crash[*data uploaded]
collision doesn't report between new traffic and user(shape->getmesh is dead)[*data uploaded]

12:26 PM 1/7/2016
water is back
many little fixes to water
soft edges to water
underwater fog for to water
added options for low quality water to menu
improved lunching of menu[fixed space path bug]
another fix for app, when you exit it will correctly bring you back to the menu
improved installer to create shortcut on a desktop
fixed crashing for places without water

9:31 AM 1/6/2016
automatic back to menu option added in game
bug -> spaces in path won't lunch the application
updated mountain map and fixed few typos

9:27 AM 1/5/2016
added grass_deisnity and grass draw distance
added nice sliders
added easier switching by pressing image[left click back, right click forward]
fixed duck texture problem
fixed boat textures
fixed tiling blocks missing textures in country road

Screenshot 2016 01 07 19 25 06Screenshot 2016 01 07 19 24 56

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