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Updated the game with few changes and bug fixes. This is the first patch of the game after the release.

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Patch notes



  • Restricted Player's path in chapter 1 to reach the first Potion area.
  • Updated NPC's Stats.
  • Updated NPCs group behaviour while attacking.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed NPCs getting stuck on stairs.
  • Fixed Weapon Draw issues.
  • Fixed NPCs snapping while movement.
  • Fixed Bow and Arrow glitch when Quiver is out of active arrows.
  • Fixed Game is stuck when Arthurus is killed in chapter 2.
  • Fixed font issues in UI.
  • Fixed Help UI, added help for using Potion and Flasks.
  • Fixed Spear's Collider issue.
  • Fixed Debug UI showing up for Arthurus in chapter 5 and for Belian in chapter 6.
  • Fixed Collider issues in chapter 3.

Note If Player gets hit while drawing/switching weapon then draw/switch action won't be completed . Player is required to draw/switch weapon again to complete the action. This is intended as per game play.
Example - Player is drawing Sword & Shield. After drawing Sword Player gets attacked and hit by opponent then shield won't be drawn. To draw shield Player has to press key '1' again and the character will draw shield.

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