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Updated demo now available. release notes below.

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Updated demo now available. release notes:

Bugs/Issues fixed:

  1. Removed issue where in treatment room bad scan points added when player clicks on areas of the screen other than the patient bed

Gameplay tweaks/updates

  1. Added autosave feature. Game is now saved at the start of every level (when the player goes to the email screen). Only 1 save file is available at any time so starting a new game will wipe the save.
  2. Changed all button inputs to be ‘space’ for consistency (except intro where ‘enter’ is still used)
  3. diagnosis warnings can now be removed by pressing space
  4. updated lifestyle advice text to remove ambiguity
  5. added ‘loading’ text to diagnosis guide, so when player clicks to see patients, loading text appears to feedback to player that loading is occurring
  6. level 2- when graph scanning first appears, to progress to treatment room players must view the graph example in the diagnosis guide.
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