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Discouraged Workers has been updated on Humble and Also we've participating in the Humble Store Winter Sale!

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Greeting Guardians,

Yunseok is here. Today I've update the DRM-free builds of Discouraged Workers on Humble and The DRM-free builds was updated in about a year and a half from the last June 2016. Both of the PC/Mac/Linux/RaspBerry Pi/Android build/Extras is ready. The update details can be found here.

Also, we are currently participating in the Humble Store Winter Sale. Although only the TEEN version is available on the store, but we have a widget and Humble page, so you can grab the Discouraged Workers at a discounted price. It ends Jan 25 at 10 AM pacific time! Of course your purchase comes with a Steam key.

Note that the TEEN version is not updated majorly yet but it is also participating on the sale.

Thank you for read this article. I'll be back soon!

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