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Just give an update on what has happened over the last few days.

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Ok so here is the news!

Number 1
I would like to welcome a new member to the team You can see his ID in the group page he has been helping me while I have been away and has been doing things to the Arena Champions house and I can tell you he has found a perfect spot and knows what he is doing it will be my job to look over wat he has done then furbish the house with a more royal look

Number 2
I have been drawing up plans for the thieves guild house however still seeing If I can get it to the building program

Number 3
I have been getting NPC tutorials and have found out how to create dialouge but I am looking for some voice actors they need to have there own mic and have a recording program but I will see if the new member of my team is able to do it who knows


Number 4

I am thinking about creating a trailer for the secret project I have been doing however still cannot be reveiled yet it may never see the light of day but it all depends

Number 5

I am looking for people who can create quests with the no problems at all.

That's it from me and I hope you enjoy the mod


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