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**Update** Updated "Demo" copy. Now includes 'Quest' system and 'Mini Map'!

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Hey everyone!! So I've been busy working on putting some updates in the game, based on YOUR feedback! So thank you! Some of you have mentioned you'd like to see something in the game that can remind the player of what step to do next in terms of the 'Main Story'. So now you have it! I've incorporated it into the quest system, so every step of the way you can be reminded of what to do next.

The other thing that was suggested was to incorporate a 'Mini Map'. Done! I'm pretty excited about this feature. I've given the player the ability to turn the mini map on or off whenever they want; simply by pressing the 'M' key on the keyboard. The mini map is available on select maps that well, make sense. I would certainly hope you don't get lost in a one room Inn or Item shop. The only other place type of place where you can't enable the mini map would be in dungeons. You have to have some challenge to the game, right?! I just feel by mapping out the whole dungeon takes away the maze and mystery system to it. Besides, who in the world would have been able to map out the evil bad guy's lair beforehand?

I'm really excited about these updates and I hope you are too! If you haven't downloaded and played the game yet...what are you waiting for?! It'll be good times, I promise!!

Finally, I have one favor to ask of you guys, give me your thoughts about Shadow Star! Good, bad, or ugly lay it on me. I really want to make this the best game possible not just for me or you, but us as an RPG loving community to have a fun and memorable game to play and talk about!

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