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Here is the updated crafting recipe list. I hope you find it useful ;)

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Craftables in Persistent Frontier:
Staff - 1x Wooden Pole
Rich Outfit - 1x Linen Cloth
Curved Sword - 1x Iron Bar
Blue Dress - 1x Linen Cloth
Black Robe - 1x Linen Cloth
Bow - 1x Short Wooden Pole
Green Dress - 1x Linen Cloth
Bucket - 2x Board, 1x Iron Piece
Musket Stock - 2x Wooden Block
Leather Jacket - 1x Leather Roll
Friar's Sandals - 1x Leather Piece
Surgeon´s Scalpel - 1x Iron Piece
Camel - 1x Wheat Sheaf, 1x Board
Priestly Coif - 1x Small Linen Cloth
Pilgrim Hood - 1x Small Linen Cloth
Butchering Knife - 1x Small Iron Bar
Donkey - 2x Wheat Sheaf, 1x Board
Surgeon's Coif - 1x Small Linen Cloth
Bishop's Mitre - 1x Small Linen Cloth
Friar's Robe - 1x Linen Cloth, 1x Stick
Scythe - 1x Iron Bar, 1x Wooden Pole
Carbine - 1x Iron bar, 1x Musket Stock
Native Shield - 1x Raw Hide, 1x Board
Wrapping Boots - 1x Small Linen Cloth
Priestly Leggings - 2x Small Linen Cloth
Rifle - 1x Long Iron Bar, 1x Musket Stock
Old Musket - 2x Iron Bar, 1x Musket Stock
Priestly Robes - 2x Linen Cloth, 1x Iron Piece
Pelt Coat - 1x Leather Roll, 1x Small Linen Cloth
Courtly Outfit - 1x Linen Cloth, 1x Leather Piece
Mace - 1x Wooden Block, 1x Short Wooden Pole
Pilgrim Disguise - 1x Linen Cloth, 1x Leather Piece
Fishing Spear - 1x Wooden Pole, 1x Short Iron bar
Fishing Net - 2x Short Wooden Pole, 2x Linen Thread
Surgeon's Coat - 1x Linen Cloth, 1x Board, 1x Iron Piece
Metal Tomahawk - 1x Short Wooden Pole, 1x Small Iron Bar
Infantry Musket - 1x Long Iron Bar, 1x Small Iron Bar, 1x Musket Stock

Smelt Process:
Iron Ore -> 2x Iron Bar
Small Iron Ore -> 2x Short Iron Bar
2x Iron Piece -> 1x Short Iron Bar
2x Short Iron Bar -> 1x Iron Bar
2x Iron Bar -> 1x Long Iron Bar
4x Silver Nugget -> 1x Silver Bar
4x Golden Nugget -> 1x Golden Bar

Hammer Process:
Long Iron Bar -> 2x Iron Bar
Iron Bar -> 2x Short Iron Bar
Short Iron Bar -> 2x Iron Piece

Wood Process:
Wooden Block -> 4x Board
Short Wooden Pole -> 2x Stick
Wooden Branch -> 1x Wooden Pole
Wooden Pole -> 2x Short Wooden Poles

Cut Process:
Leather Roll -> 4x Leather Pieces
Linnen Cloth -> 4x Small Linen Cloth

Food Recipes:
Wine - 2x Must Barrel (Press)
Cooked Meat - 1x Raw Meat (Cook)
3x Salted Fish - 1x Salt, 3x Raw Fish (Preserve)
3x Salted Meat - 1x Salt, 3x Raw Meat (Preserve)
Beer - 2x Wheat Sheaf, 1x Water Bucket (Brew)
5x Meat Pie - 1x Flour Sack, 1x Raw Meat (Cook)
5x Bread - 1x Wheat Sack, 1x Water Bucket (Cook)

Farm Recipes:
Must Barrel - 3x Grapes (Press)
16x Salt - 1x Salt Sack (Preserve)
Flour Sack - 3x Wheat Sheaf (Grind)
2x Linen Thread - 1x Flax Bundle (Spin)
2x Linen Cloth - 1x Linen Thread (Weave)
2x Leather Roll - 1x Raw Hide (Tan Leather)


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