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Updated Country List and Progress Report 12/17/2014

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All percentages are estimates. Generals % includes new Special Ops
Major Powers:
CHINA-Buildings: 50%-Units: 30%-Generals: 20%
USA-Buildings: 50%-Units: 40%-Generals: 90%
RUSSIA-Buildings: 20%-Units: 35%-Generals: 80%
UK-Buildings: 50%-Units: 30%-Generals: 75%
EU (Mostly a Metagame Faction. Includes almost all units from European member states aside from UK)-Buildings: 10%-Units: 10%-Generals: 0%
FRANCE-Buildings: 0%-Units: 1%-Generals: 0%
Regional Powers
INDIA-Buildings: 10%-Units: 1%-Generals: 0%
PAKISTAN-Buildings: 10%-Units: 0%-Generals: 0%
GERMANY-Buildings: 2%-Units: 5%-Generals: 0%
AUSTRALIA-Buildings: 20%-Units: 4%-Generals: 0%
CANADA-Buildings: 20%-Units: 5%-Generals: 0%
BRAZIL-Buildings: 40%-Units: 25%-Generals: 25%
UKRAINE-Buildings: 25%-Units: 20%-Generals: 50%
IRAN-Buildings: 50%-Units: 25%-Generals: 30%
SAUDI ARABIA-Buildings: 10%-Units: 5%-Generals: 0%
JAPAN-Buildings: 20%-Units: 0%-Generals: 0%
POLAND-Buildings: 10%-Units: 0%-Generals: 0%
SPAIN-Buildings: 10%-Units: 0%-Generals: 0%
ITALY-Buildings: 10%-Units: 0%-Generals: 0%
ISRAEL-Buildings: 10%-Units: 1%-Generals: 0%
Minor Powers
INDEPENDENT (Another Metagame Faction.)-Buildings: 30%-Units: 30%-Generals: 90%
NORTH KOREA-Buildings: 5%-Units: 5%-Generals: 0%
SOUTH KOREA-Buildings: 7%-Units: 4%-Generals: 0%
SYRIA-Buildings: 0%-Units: 5%-Generals: 0%
SERBIA-Buildings: 40%-Units: 25%-Generals: 40%
TURKEY-Buildings: 10%-Units: 0%-Generals: 0%
GREECE-Buildings: 10%-Units: 0%-Generals: 0%

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