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A small update on how Half Life 2 1970s is going :)

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So Far...

Making the mod has been slow but it has also been a huge learning process for me. I have learned many things so far such as compiling models, making models, UV editing, etc... Now I will say some of the models don't look the best for example the combine phone... I am actually planning to update the textures on theses in the future. For the citizen models I actually took inspiration from a beta design that was never used I also mixed it with a 1920s/1930s working class design. I would also like to talk about the storyline of the mod I want to go for, I really want to bring a new experience to the Half Life community and I want to stray away a little bit from the original Half Life 2 story. A couple months ago you guys voted on a poll if I should stray away from the story of Half Life 2 and you guys said yes. The idea I have in plan for the storyline is nothing short of very long, for a summary of what I got so far is that Gordon Freeman is a 50 something year old man who has trauma from both the Black Mesa disaster and his life working in factory's in the 1900s. I want Gordon Freeman to be a man who is resourceful and smart and to be at the same time a man with nothing to lose (I swear that's not a max payne reference lol), I was actually thinking for a bit that I should add puzzles in which Gordon mixes items together to create small weapons to take out Combine with for example a mix of liquids will create some sort of bomb. I want to also bring up the fact I might stray away from just the feature of a Half Life 2 but 1970s, I really want to add more of a European style, I want to see perhaps the French country side or more architecture. Overall, I have been having ideas swirl around my head and I hope to implement some of these ideas.

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