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New changes and content are coming to Entwicklung!

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Up till now, Entwicklung has run based on the GSM mod. The next release will likely retain this, but after that, future updates will be based on Robz Realism Mod for Assault Squad 2!

Entwicklung's move to AS2 (and eventually, to Steam), won't mean that support for AS1 and ModDB will stop. I'll still be checking and updating the AS1 version when I can.

In terms of content, new HD vehicles are coming, including a few aircraft. Old 3D models are being replaced by ones of higher quality, and vehicle movement physics have had a drastic overhaul for enhanced realism. Speaking of which, Assault Squad 2 offers helpful elements such as an in-game speedometer, so testing and tweaking will be much easier once I start working with AS2.

Weapons have been reworked to allow for more fluid gameplay. Tank weapons now fire up to 300m, rather than 2000. This is because the spotting system in MoW is not conducive to 100% realistic gameplay. Because of this, penetration tables have been altered to fit in this 300m range, meaning that the real life penetration of a weapon at 2000m is now the penetration at 300, the pen at 1500m is now at 225, and so on. The original gun files (with full-scale performance) are still archived though, and I may upload them as an optional addon.

Infantry weapons, likewise, have been reworked. Rifles now reach out to around 150m. I am planning to even out the range of all infantry weapons to allow troops armed with SMGs and shorter-range weapons to fight back. The intent is to prevent the abuse of weapons such as sniper rifles, as I'm sure everyone knows that one sniper can essentially clear endless amounts of infantry in the vanilla game by utilizing range. Soon, all infantry weapons will be able to fire out to around 150m, with adjustments to performance to compensate.

Hopefully, on Tuesday, work on converting Entwicklung to the Realism Mod will begin, and I'll keep the community updated! Merry Christmas!

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