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Updates about Ivander Lim's Rules Status 9%

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Ok so there some feature that i need to scrapped:

Ammo features

The problem is not the ammo but the reload

Anyway let's get to the updates

So far i am planning to modify the Subfaction from each factions

America : Air

Paratroopers(1 SEAL, 4 GI, 4 GGI)

New Aircraft : Thunderbolt(Experimental Aircraft)

Limitations : ???

Korea : Artillery

New Aircraft : Black Eagle(Replace Harrier and Intruder)

Howitzer starts at veteran rank

Limitations : SEAL

Note : Allies will get 3 specific aircraft Harrier as anti infantry and anti aircraft,Intruder as Anti Vehicle,Aurora as Bomber

France : Defense

New Base Defenses : Camo Pillbox,Bunker,Phalanx,Adv Patriot,Adv Prism Tower,And Grand Cannon

Limitations : Mirage Tank

Germany : Armor

New Tank : Paladin Tank,Tank Destroyer,Armored Artillery, and Mammoth Tank

Limitations : Harrier and Intruder

Great Britain : Infantry

New Infantry : Minigunner,Laser infantry,Sniper

All infantry starts at veteran rank

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