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Ok, this is only my second day on this site, and my mods second day as well, and it has already received lots of good ratings and feedback! So before anything else, I would like to give a special thanks to everyone supporting me!

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First, I would like to announce that the story is coming along quite nicely! I'm saving for a new computer with the Kaby Lake i7 and GTX 1080 along with other great specs. Once I make the 1300$ materialize, I plan on making a trailer/preview of the game. As my current system runs on Linux and is a bit dated.

Also, we are in dire need of staff on the team! Mappers, coders, designers, anyone who has the necessary skills to help! Everyone who helps in anyway will be given credit once the final project is finished! So please, do NOT hesitate to message me!

I also plan on making this mod Linux compatible! Or certainly plan on trying, I could never install any mods on this computer because none were compatible with Linux, therefore I had to go through wine and even then it was buggy and annoying.

Also! I have risen in the ranks on this mod and am very happy with its popularity considering how far it is in development and how new it is on this site! So thank you!

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