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Ukrainian Ninja still in the game, new weapons and multiplayer.

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We have taken some hits by reviewers, but we have used those to our benefit by learning from them, fixing what wasn't liked, then continued to make more additions. We have also added alot of features, and still have some more to come.

3 New Weapons
3 New Guns for the Solder
Steam Cloud Saving
Better Multiplayer Support
Dedicated Server Support ( Tutorial Here )

Some boss bugs, went though and polished the way they work
Disapearing Solider Bugs
Gamepad Controlls
Lots of code fixes

What is Gonna be Next?

We have all the new worlds made, what we are doing now is creating the final boss, and fixing some errors on a new enemy type we will be introducing. Once we get all these polished out, we will be updating the game with the new worlds.

Once we get the new worlds in, next will be adding achievements for all the worlds.

We also have plans on a PVP mode and introduce new gamemodes such as CTF and Deathmatches.

Worlds will be updated in a couple weeks, we are aiming for the end of June

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