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Damn it's been a while, but fear not! We have been extremely busy! In this update, we'll be discussing the future of War of The Servers and the present as well as letting you in on a little somethin', somethin' we've began working on.

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Where have we been?
Where haven't we been? The holidays has been a busy time for us but now we're even busier! Why? Well we can't disclose why just yet but we're pretty sure you'll love it. We have been working on something that we plan to show off even before War of The Servers hits it's late beta stages, so stay tuned for that!

Why did everything go quiet? Is this game dead? Are you giving up? Why!
We're very sorry we went quiet, but we prioritize getting our projects worked on more than news updates unfortunately, however we're addressing this problem as our community is important! And to answer your other questions: No. We didn't. And no.

What happened to the applications?!
Ungodly amounts of spam, the provider we use for our @iinteractive email is awful when it comes to spam prevention. We have temporarily changed our new applications email to and if the spam continues we will be moving to another domain. (Over 200 emails a day offering me Viagra, PPI or nigerian princes').

So what happens now?
What do you mean what happens now? We never went anywhere, we just left you outside alone.. in the cold for a little while.. And we're very sorry for that. Don't worry, we'll bring you back into the warmth very soon!

Thank you for waiting patiently, but the waiting is over, stay tuned for big news coming soon!

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