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This is just a small map. Test you PC or Laptop. You waited a lot and I did not update you guys. I am sorry, but I could not find time to do my work. In the next three weeks I am working on this project and hopefully the beta could be ready to play!

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New test for The Collapse

The last update was over 2 months ago and I know that 10.000 people visited the collapse and 40 of them are following my game. Thanks for that and I will finish this game we just have to wait. Be patient and maybe in three weeks...or five weeks the beta could be finished and you can play it.

Where are the updates?

Maybe you are asking yourself why I could not work on this. It have to continue like that, because I must learn a lot for school. I am in the 12th grade and it is really hard to get into this, but for the next 2 weeks I am in my holidays and I will work a lot for this.

You can help me creating a the Collapse!

I want your ideas in that game. It is our game and without you I wouldn't work with this pleasure. It is very great to see this game growing. If you have any idea write this to the comment section and show me your thoughts. Ideas like weapons or buildings, ideas for the gameplay or the AI. Every idead will be used, so go ahead and write a comment!

Like always: I know that my spelling is kind of shitty and Thank you!

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