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Just a little update about whats happening and what i have been working on etc.

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Hi Guys,
This is just a little update to talk about what i have been doing and what i plan to start work from posting this bit of news. Okay so i have recently made a little start menu to go on the game and i have fixed all the issues that i know of with the controls and i have re-enabled the jump button. Also i have now added in a way to turn the flash light on/off with the "q" key. and i have started to work on the first room putting in scares and stuff to try and let you all get a feeling of the scares that are going to go into the game so below is what i am working on and about to work on and how much progress has been made on these parts. Once these are done i will be uploading a new preview of the game.
First Room Scares & objects: 25u;ll functioning doors: 0% <<(moving on to this soon)Objects to go in second room: 10%
Like i said i was working on the controls as they messed up quite a lot so i have spent a lot of time on that and their is only me working on this.

Also i will be posting some more pictures soon.

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