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Just a short update summary of what's going on with InSignia Studios and Total Decay.

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InSignia Studios:

InSignia Studios is no longer hiring, as we have filled all the required positions in the company. Applications will still be considered if they stand out.

Total Decay:

Progress on Total Decay is magnificent, and we are now in mid production, with a pre-Alpha build well on its way (around December).We are at the point of development where I will be looking for a Production Assistant and Web Master, create a proper website for InSignia Studios and Total Decay, advertise the game and company, hire someone to do some Digital Artwork, and look around for investors to help fund the project.I'll open up a PayPal account soon, where kind community members can donate to help fund the project and get an Alpha build out the door.I might also start a few competitions to encourage publicity and trackers for the game.
Please feel free to track the game, and make sure to spread word of the game and help us advertise by sharing it on social sites!


Hey guys,

just want to give a heads up - write descriptive titles for articles you post, ie. "update on _what_". Because in Groups watch (subscription to new indie posts) only titles of articles are displayed, not what project they belong to. So with the current title you can only see "update" and that's it. Cheers

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so where is the magnificent progress, I wonder? (Except for that song that was posted a while back)

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