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Here's an update for those of you who think we're gone.

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The BiA team is working hard to bring a release into the light of day. Much of the coding has been finished, and the current focus is on textures. (Apparently pink doesn't look so good on the battlefield.) There are a few bits of news that we would like to present to you. First off, Imon has begun helping with textures, and we may be getting help from Elysian_Droptroop and DoLhades as well. Thanks guys for stepping up to the plate. :)

We also have two super-heavies to show you. First is the Stormlord. Remember the classic Baneblade; the gun-bunker on treads? Well the Stormlord is kinda like that. Armed with a vulcan mega-bolter, this big guy can spit lead like no other. It also has the ability to carry troops in the back, making this mean machine a true rolling bunker.
Next comes the Doomhammer. This tank is like a crossbreed between a Shadowsword and a Stormlord. The Doomhammer lacks the raw power of the Stormsword, and carries fewer soldiers than the Stormlord, but it is still a force to be reckoned with. Both of these beauties can be seen in the image gallery, and both will be available to Tallarn commanders.

Wereturnip has promised that a Mordian Stormhammer and a Chaos Hellhammer are on the way, and the Mordian scouts, Jeagers, should be ready soon as well. For more on-the-mark updates, Wereturnip has started his weekly updates again on our forums. Otherwise, I'll try to keep you all informed as progress is made.


Awesome! Keep it up, guys!

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