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A posting about how progress is going. Check it out, its getting somewhere, except coding. Are there no HL Coders Left!!!!!

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Intro : 80%
Ethelas Town: 90%
Reasha Forest: 60%
The Human City of Reasha: 96%
The Crypts: 100%
The Reasha Castle 80%
The Cathedral Under the Mount: 95%
The Infernal Catacombs: 90%
The Undead City Morvath: 65%
The Dwarven City of Dwarrowden: 35%
The Village of Lothum: 45%
The Lost Mines: 70%
The Town of Hadoras: 50%
The City of Amaria 85%
Minorn's Keep of Amaria: 92%
The Swamps of Avalon: 40%
The Elven City of Vjero: 80%
The Sunken Castle of Kal'Enlu: 75%
Mt. Eyolos: 45%
The Wizard Capital of Durmis: 60%
The Caverns of Ice: 65%
The Ruins of Teorath: 70%
Desert Crossing 75%
The Dragon City of Azarus: 38%
The Demon Halls: 60%
The Arena Fortress of Doomskull: 90%
Male Warrior: 65%
Male Wizard: 25%
Male Chemist: 10%
Male Tech: 35%
Female Warrior: 55%
Female Sorceress: 20%
Female Tech: 0%
Female Chemist: 10%
Warrior: 65%
Wizard/Sorceress: 40%
Tech: 60%
Chemist: 10%
Undead Enemies: 75%
Human Enemies: 50%
Beast Enemies: 75%
Demon Enemies: 15%
Monster Enemies: 80%
Sub Bosses: 45%
Treasures: 40%
Bosses: 50%

CODING: 5%!!!!!!!!!


Keep it up! :)

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hmmm very good progress... but 5% at coding?!?!
Damn I wish I could help...
Im still learning how to code unfortunatly im still in my second year at university... ._.

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Raider666 Author

Yeah, it sucks. We only really need some very basic stuff to get going right now there is just no-one we have found who can do it as of yet. Like copying the code for monster_zombie a bunch of times for the new monsters, and copying the weapon_crowbar into a bunch of different weapons. We can test all of our models on the existing code but to have unique health/dmg for each weapon and monster we need different, even as simple as monster_zombie_1, monster_zombie_2, monster_zombie_3... etc. And then there is some fancy stuff we want to implement too like the leveling/buying system and the armor wearing and stuffs like summoning for wizards...

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I have an idea for Wizard summons: Copy the Shark Code, you know these annoying little creatures. :)

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