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because my visits have gone down by 75% i decided to post some news

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hello loyal fanbase!

progress is great, there is an icon for every ship. New KOTOR era ships are added. new projectiles, new ground units, and heros are having thier ships replaced with TOR era ones. Home One is a paladin, the Milenium falcon the ebon hawk, Admiral Thrawn now has a Centurion, and Tyber Zann has a kyramund. BUT the heros will not be inculded in this releas (V1.7), because they need some tweaking.

other than that the republic light destroyer has been replaced with the republic carrier- the AOSW hammerhead, it spawns multipal ships

the courageous has been repalced with warb's paladin

the mon calimari ship has been replaced by the thrantra.

Don't fear V1.7 should be hear thrusday-saturdayish.

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