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I need your ideas and opinions for the mod! New unit suggestion in this news. Also, I made some basic wallpapers for you!

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I am running out of ideas for the mod. That's where you, fans, come in! If you have ideas, opinions, anything that would help the mod's development, please feel free to share them.

I think I am pretty finished with the Terran, now I started working on Zerg tweaks. First I will create new units.

Now about my Zerg unit suggestion that I MAY add.

Name: Infested Marine
HP: 80
Armor: 0
Damage: 6 ( a gauss rifle with a longer cooldown)

Visually it is a normal marine with Infested Terran's portrait. It would be built in Infested Terran Center.

What do you say?

I am also planning another Zerg unit, also built in Infested Terran Center called Infested Shadow. Other details of this unit will be in the next news.

Important: If there is a skilled mapper around here and would like to contribute some of his maps to this mod, please contact me and you will also be invited into the crew.

Now the wallpapers I said I made:

1280 x 960 dimension:

1440 x 900 dimension:

Again: I am looking for skilled mappers!

I hope you like the wallpapers!

Warlord42 (apocalypse4ever)

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