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Alright, I've now changed slightly, but it's still keeping it's original form, so really all I've done is added a...

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Alright, I've now changed slightly, but it's still keeping it's original form, so really all I've done is added a hexagon around it and erased some of it as well as the hammer. This will open up more for the company staff in the mod to give them a more fearing name.

Also i did a bit of scripting / story writing today and writ up how the player will meet the new survivors, it's a bit 'corny' but it will be improved over time.

Names and descriptions are updated below:

Gerard Banks ( a.k.a Gerry ) - ? - The Player
Was a prisoner before breaking out and have flash backs to before he was in prison and such.

Ryan Walker - 22 - Writer
Has been a writer for 2 years after taking a course then killing his boss which is why he was in prison.
Writing a book about the whole prison, dna modification and such.

William Striker ( a.k.a Will ) - 25 - Weapons Specialist
Worked at his fathers gun shop for 10 years and did a lot of military simulations when he was around 18, before defending the shop from a thief by shooting them in the leg and getting sued for 2 million dollars which he couldn't get paid so he was sent to prison.
Makes weapons out of scrap parts found around the underground part of the prison.

Josh ( No Surname Yet ) - 30 - Builder
Worked as a builder for 6 years and as a construction worker for 5 years before throwing his girlfriend out the window of a 4 story building.
Barricades the bunker and finds solutions into rooms.

Elizabeth Sharp ( a.k.a Lizzi ) - 34 - Drill Sergeant
Left home at 18 to work in the military for 5 years then becoming a Drill Sergeant for a further 10 years making her a real hard ass on people which took her to the limit and cut a mans throat in public.

She became the leader for the survivors when she was one of the first to survive the pit massacre and has been surviving for 6 months.

Oh also, not sure if many people know, but the survivors that are underground of the prison, they have made like a little bunker for them to survive in; and we need a name for it!

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