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Some information about the Dark Pastime add-on for SW Jedi Academy.

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It's been a long time, I believe, but I just had no time for providing all necessary information about the addon creation process. But we made a lot of things. I would say, that now I feel as if I'm working on a different project, but that would be untrue of course.

It's the same project, the same addon. Almost nothing has changed except for the results - we made several maps, completed several missions and planets. We made several changes in the plot, added new features, models, skins and weapons to the game. On the whole the outcome seems to be very satisfying and pleasing. Yes, I'm most pleased with the work done :)

I know, the link to the DP demo is no longer available, but I think that's for the better, from a certain point of view. I mean, I want to release a demo, but a bit corrected, with no such obvious bugs. So I'll see to that.
The add-on itself isn't just a modification or an add-on per se, that changes Jedi Academy. It is a different story, a new adventure for a capable Jedi. Of course, there're things, that we've managed to add to the game... One of this is that now there's more RPG stuff to it. For instance You get certain items (bacta, etc. Yes, we did manage to restore it :) ) for completing some additional tasks. You also gain new Force powers depending on how You finished one assignment or another. On some planets You'll be able to buy new items/weapons, though that's not necessary to get to the next levels of the add-on. Aiding some characters on your way also will help You to find alternative ways of completing the quests.I also created several tricky puzzles on some of the levels. It won't be too difficult to resolve them since You're a Jedi after all, but there will be hints too. Some of these can be found in datapads. Yes, that's right, small devices, containing sometimes vital information or historical info on various aspects of DP story.As I stated before - I don't come here very often, but appearing elsewhere instead...I'll try to update news and screenshots, but that's all. For now.

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