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TuesDay Update :

Add Jutsus :
Twin Rising Dragons
Kunai Granade
Kunai with Bomb
Mokuton no Jutsu - wood release
Wood locking wall
Doton no Jutsu - earth release
Shadow sewing
Long range bind
Shadow bomb
Change of heart
Flowers bomb
Needle shot
Mystical Palm Technique
Charging Mystical Palm
Desert Missile
Sand shield
Sand summoning
Sanshou shield
Kuroari trap
Poison needle
Raven genjutsu
Goukakyuu no jutsu
Bird explosive
Medium explosive
Art is a bang
Water wave
Bubble slash
Samehada Shred

Some characters are removed from the game :
Gai , Kiba , Hinata , Shino , Tsunade and Choji .

For any ideas write on e-mail : or pm me on moddb !

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