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The new update v0.210 is ready to be downloaded with the official TGC Updater. If you have questions don't hesitate to ask in the official forums!

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The new update v0.210 is available on the TGC servers. You can update the game only if you have v0.200 installed. There is included the Official TGC Updater tool. Just follow the download steps. You can find the tool in the main root of the game. (Program Files/DamianDJ/The Golden Coin) If you don't find it use the windows search function.

Here is the changelog:

- NEW updated to the brand new TGC libraries 900
* new gui scripts up to 10% better game performance
* optimized inventory scripts up to 5% better
* fixed some errors to assicurate more stableness
- NEW if you enter in the menu system or another
gui menu the game will switch to the pause mod
- NEW you can press now the same key to exit from a menu
(example: "I" for inventory)
- NEW permanently 3D gui interface
- NEW option for the mouse sensitivity
- FIX the movement Tutorial errors
- FIX ingame menu could be opened in the main menu
- FIX the right button for the mouse isn't used anymore
- FIX loading bar
- FIX chapter_I loading bug that brings you
near the first town or at any other part
- FIX some language errors
- FIX the game menu system
- FIX the the thinking icon
- FIX ingame loading times performance


- the save and load mode is not working propely
- quicksave option don't work propely
- there isn't music ingame
- there is a long loading time for ingame sounds
- there isn't a third person character/view
- the water specularity is heavy blinding
- over 30 sec. Chapter_I loading time
- there are some english language errors
- there are some story errors
- the quest "Find out what happened with supplies for
the shopkeeper" can't be finished
- water is stuttering with some settings
- some items not spawn correctly
- hitpoints, mana, shield and attack stats don't work propely
- the game has some problems to run with Intel graphics
- there are some story/quests errors
- there are always some language errors
- the shop system isn't ready yet
- the game settings can't be saved
- if you use the scroll wheel of the mouse in a menu

it can disappear

*26th March 2010: v0.220 available as standalone!!!


- NEW update to the TGC libraries 920
* increased stableness
- FIX shop system
- FIX a secret silver coin couldn't be collected
- FIX game size
- FIX removed the updater for this version
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