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**Version 2.00 Update** New content with more depth and some technical improvements.

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**Version 2.00 Update**A new version of "Chromaticity Bombinate" has now been created. In this update, concrete objectives have been implemented into the game although they still require the interpretation of the player because the entirety of the game is a metaphor. There is a message to be discovered and is up to the player to decide in what manners that same message behaves. In the game, there exist four statues and the player needs to find them and retrieve something from them. When all the four parts are retrieved, the metaphor will be completed and the player can end the game.In more technical aspects, the field of view has been expanded and the lights now cast shadows around the environment. This contributes, in my opinion, to the atmosphere as well for the fear factor of it all.
Hope you enjoy it, feel free to post your comments / opinions and thank you for your time.

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