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New gamemode, 3 new Buildcubes, Cube healthpoints, Missions +Missionmenu, preparing for multiplayer.

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Hello and welcome to the news of Disorder in Space!

Disorder in Space v0.949 brings:

  • A new Menu background
  • New Hangar background
  • New Gamemode: Waypoints
  • Cube healthpoints
  • Cube Level upgrades:
  • Normal Cube : Armor
  • Weapon Cube : Damage
  • Vaccumer/Sucker cube : Suck range
  • Battery Cube : Energy Storage
  • Added Lamp
  • Added Vacuumer to suck scrap up more easily
  • Added Battery
  • Added Ammo Crate (The Ammo Crate is dropped by asteroids, not a building cube)

Multiplayer is also on its way, projectiles now have an owner and Cubes have health.
In the future, you can destroy asteroids with your friends! or destroy each other.

The Missions Menu
Select between Free fly and Fight, or Waypoints.

Waypoints Gamemode
Getting to the fifth waypoint gets you 400 scrap material.

The new Hangar
Well, its no longer a hangar but empty space to build in.

The Battery
Stores energy

The Vacuumer
Helps you collect scrap and ammo in space.

The Lamp
Lights everything up

Disorder in Space

Download Disorder in Space v0.949
Disorder in Space v0.949

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