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Update v0.6.1124a: Additions, Improvements & Bugfixes

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Additions & improvements

  • Improved stability of the world by correcting an internal error that caused certain system identifiers to change depending on the network to which a machine was connected causing problems in the procedural generation, obtaining and completing missions among other problems.

  • Now you can also see and cancel the missions that you accepted, in addition to those created by you, in the Menu > Preferences > Contracts

  • Not all routers in the world have wifi activated. The following network types now have the wifi disabled:
    Hackshops, mail servers, banks, police stations
    In future updates this aspect will can be configured from the router.

  • When an admin restores a PC it also restarts it, if it has been destroyed by a player, to prevent it from remaining unavailable indefinitely until the game server is restarted.


  • Fixed bug when using decipher with file of type .cap causing the error message to be displayed infinitely in the terminal.

  • Fixed bug that caused that the players could not stop a service in their own computer, only in the rented ones.

  • Fixed bug in "iwlist" when displaying networks near the player on a remote PC.

  • Fixed bug when executing iwconfig in remote PCs since the player's PC was connected to the Wi-Fi, instead of the remote PC.

  • Now the distance of the network is taken into account when executing commands such as iwconfig.

  • Fixed an error that caused that in some occasions a completed mission could be charged indefinitely.

  • Fixed bug that caused in some occasions that new users could not register an email or bank account. Receiving the message "Registration failed, Service temporary down."

  • Fixed minimum reputation to create a mission, which is level 2.

  • Fixed bug in missions created by players by not showing correctly the list of players who have accepted the mission.

  • Fixed error in Single player that caused that new missions in a hackshop were not regenerated if they had all been completed.

  • Fixed error in the format of UserConfig.sys in the mail servers that prevented the player from using the decipher program with the content.

  • Fixed bug by which the emails sent by one player to another did not arrive if the latter was not online.

A database wipe has been required due to this changes.

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