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Some additions like reputation system and missions created by players.

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Additions & improvements

  • Added reputation system. It is a level system that determines the player's experience.

At the moment all missions give the same experience, in future updates the experience will vary depending on the type of mission.

To access this information go to the Menu > Preferences > Users and select your user.

  • Now players can create missions.

In this version players can only create "custom" missions. In future updates there will be templates available.Resolving these types of missions does not give experience at the moment.

To create a mission it is necessary to have a minimum reputation of level 2. You can create a mission from any hackshop, this mission will be available only in the hackshop that has been created.

  • You can see the missions you have created from the Menu > Preferences > Contracts and manage if it has been completed by any player.

In this version only the contracts that you have created are shown, in future updates you will be able to see the missions of any type that you have accepted.

  • You can return to the main menu from a game in progress from the option to restart computer.
  • You can copy and paste in the terminal with the key combination Ctrl + Shift + C / Ctrl + Shift + V
  • Optimized performance in single player mode and dedicated server, since it had been adversely affected in the previous update.
  • Balanced system for updating programs and exploits

A database wipe has been required due to this changes.

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