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Update notes for v0.1.1.78: Better cell background, reworked login menu

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Update v0.1.1.78

Most of the changes in this update shall make Mycelium look nicer: Your cells now have web of hyphens as background, the window has the Mycelium icon instead of the default icon, occasionally comets fly through space of the main menu, and the login menu was totally reworked and moved to before the main menu. For convenience there were two links added to the login menu, one to account creation and the second to the password reset page.

Gameplay changed a little, it's now able to abandon cells. Your attackers won't attack abandoned cells and abandoned cells can't drain energy from surrounding cells, causing them to starve slowly.

The map generator no longer spawns trees in water.

Fixed some typos in main menu (thanks to Knight_White_III for reporting).

Important notice: The ingame updater is still unstable. In case of the updater failing, crashing, or not working at all, just download the zip of the latest release and extract it into your Mycelium folder. Overwrite files when propted, this will not affect savegames, screenshots, etc.

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