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This update contains mostly art updates. But also some story features! :D

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Hello everyone!

I'm going to talk about the v0.012 alpha update of Caveman's Life. There some story updates today, but mostly art-updates. I will list all the features here. I decided that the graphics could be done better, so I'm changing all the graphics. I'm not done yet, but I release this update now because I'm going on vacation the next 10 days.


- Changed all the graphics for the NPC's/player. (Player needs more work and the battle/armor animations also need to change.)

new p

new p2

- Changed all the things that I can place in the world/cave. (tree, stone,...)

new 1

new cave

- Changed some items.(Not all the items on the picture are already changed...)

new i

- Changed the balloon icons.

new balloon

- Changed dirt/stone/grass (little 3d effect :D )

new ds

new grass

- Changed the menu icons.

new icons


- Added water.


- Added Stone_Cave tileset. ( still old graphics: needs new graphics)

- Added Dirt_Cave tileset. (still old graphics: needs new graphics)


- Added a duck.



- The enemy A.I. for the slime is much better now.


- Changed the transparant trees to normal trees again. (still needs events because battle animations are ABOVE other tiles.)

- Added wooden signs to the world so you can see where you are. (you can see them in the NEW ART section.)

- Added a short tutorial. It's almost nothing but now you can get trough the tutorial without restarting the game. The tutorial will change later on.

- Added credits for some scripts at the beginning of the game.

- Added a system where you can see the rarity of an item


- You can play the first mission.

- I'm making the second mission.


This were most of the features of the v0.012 alpha update of Caveman's Life.
Be sure to check the game out on:

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- My website:

- Twitter: you can search Caveman's Life but I'm not so active on twitter atm.

- IndieDB: you're already here so don't expect a link!

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