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Watch out, Gearbox released an update today that will break pretty much all mods due to massive file architecture changes. You might want to avoid the update for the time being if you want to keep playing some mods and check out when they get fixed. Good news, though, Flag Commander has just been hotfixed. It's a band-aid, but you should be able to play while I prepare the next patch.

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OK, so... Gearbox had a decent idea and chose to rework the game architecture to make it more mod-friendly and allow more flexibility in the coding for everyone. Good, right? Well, there's a bit of both, as it will help us in the long-term, but in the short-term, all mod a tiny bit ambitious will be broken. The script files, the AI files, the game rules files, all of these are moving, some code functions disappeared and so on, so it will be a mess for all established mods for a time. A thought for my pals at Phoenix Interactive, who have superb, but script-heavy mods, and three mods to boot. Let's just say that their next two weeks are going to suck. :-(

In other news, I made a quick patch to the mod and uploaded it as version 3.1. This new version is for the new patch and for it ONLY. Do not download it if you haven't updated the game, or it will crash. Non-updated games can still download the version 3.05 and enjoy it. The version 3.1 was initially a micro-patch for the Wing Commander CIC website birthday, including HD versions of the missiles, torpedoes and a few Border Worlds fighters which our team finished modelling yesterday. Now, however, it is mainly defined by its compatibiliy to the new version of the game. However, since it is a hotfix and it's 2 am here, the mod is not entirely functional: the new factions are working and I haven't seen any CTD yet, but the AI code is not yet modified to work under the new environment, so Wing Commander factions will not have working AI yet. I will work on this during the week-end.

If you experience any crash, please notify me here or on the Steam page of the mod.


Rufus Shinra

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