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Updating to our most completed version yet, alpha v14! - Things that are included - Things we have updated - Things we still need to do

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Updating to our most completed version yet, alpha v14!

(Find the game

- Things that are included

  • Splash Screen
  • Title Menu
  • Options
    • Sounds
    • Credits
  • Working Quit
  • Working Level Select
  • Game
    • Pathfinding
    • Tower Placement
    • Tower Upgrades
    • Tower box lock
    • Costs
    • Health
    • Dev Cheat
    • Basic Animation/Target lock on
    • Visuals
      • Floor, Walls, Door, Morter, Dressers, Closet, Vent, Mat, Toys, Turrets, Bed, etc.
    • Star Scoring
    • Touch Screen Input
    • Steam Controller Inputs
    • Mouse/Keyboard Inputs

- Things we have updated

  • UI
    • Cleaned up some bugs in the pause menu
    • Adjusted scaling issue of the turret range
    • Updated textures on Turrets to show upgrades
    • Updated textures to allow the player to know if they can place towers
  • Levels 1-5 base optimized
  • Levels 1-5 creeps created
  • Creep attack adjusted
  • Added in PNG Tutorial for buttons and keys
  • hide dev controls

- Things we still need to do

  • Animation
  • Textures
  • 3D Update Visuals for Upgrades
  • Box destruction bug (*hold)
  • Tutorial
  • Optimization

We added in this cool tutorial :D


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