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This is a "mirror" based on 0 AD Alpha 25 "Yaunā",There are adjustments to the game play.

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The main changes in this update are:

1- Some bugs were eliminated.
2- Adjust technology costs and add new technologies.
3- Reduce the cost of supplies and time for other units other than Citizen Infantry.
4- Added new resources: captive, obtained by killing enemies, used for training slaves or researching economic technology.
5- Added new resources: Faith, resource flow of religious buildings or acquired by killing enemies, used to train healers, champions and heroes, research technology and build wonders.
6- Granary can be built in neutral areas, which is convenient for players to hunt.
7- The maximum number of laborers in mines and quarries has been changed to 15.
8- Added "Armored" units. Cavalry, chariots, and war elephants with this tag have higher pierce protection, reducing melee infantry damage by 25%.
9- All factions can train slaves in the civic center, slaves can mine metal and stone more efficiently.
10- War Elephant's primary attack has been changed from aura to circular splash.
11- Cavalry, War Elephants and Siege will take up more building and cabin space than Infantry.
12- Increase the base firepower of Civic Centers, Fortresses, Towers and Warships.
13- Lowered Soldier's capture attack.

Download 明镜-Mirror-2.3.5 - Mod DB

Download 适配“明镜”的zh lang 0.0.25b.06 - Mod DB

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